COVID19 PPEs Testing & Inspection Services

During this difficult time, TTI Testing Laboratories are committed to providing the same high-quality Testing Services for which we have always been known.

The COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest public health challenge the world has faced in recent memory. Our technical experts are at the forefront of the response, providing outstanding care, educating the public, advising the government and other health institutions, and conducting research to better understand the virus and the outbreak. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment, and we are acting accordingly.

Tti testing laboratories operate at world-class standards on a global basis with global partner MTS supporting refinery, distributors and other businesses with below mentioned features:

  • Globally Recognized ISO/IEC 17025 Accredited Petroleum Testing Services
  • OGRA Approved Laboratory
  • Technical Support, Trouble Shooting & Personalized Customer Services
  • Fastest Reporting Time
  • Exclusive Packages for Annual Testing Services Contracts

In order to ensure COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) comply with Protection and Quality Assurance Requirements, it is important to verify and inspect products so that they reach the frontline healthcare personnel and the consumers with approved quality measures and to achieve traceability and consistency in the supply chain, produced goods and in future shipments.

Please find below the Salient features of our COVID-19 Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) Testing Program.
COVID-19 PPEs Testing Services:

    • Surgical Gowns & Drapes Testing (ASTM F2407-13)

Test Parameters


Fabric Weight (GSM)

ASTM D3776

Material Identification



ISO 3071

Breaking Strength of Non-Woven

ASTM D5034

Tear Strength of fabric by trapezoid Method

ASTM D5733

Seam Strength


Permeability (Water Vapour Transmission)


Air Permeability

ASTM D737-18

Pore Size

Electron Microscope

Liquid barrier Performance


Blood Penetration

ASTM F1670

Water Resistance- Impact Penetration

AATCC 42-2017

Fluid Resistant/Hydrostatic Test

AATCC 127-2018

    • Surgical Face Masks

Test Parameters


Fabric Weight (GSM) each Layer

ASTM D3776

Material identification & Construction for BF Properties Each layer


Thickness of Layer (each Layer)

ASTM D5729

Size (Width)

ASTM F2299

Water Vapour Transmission


Pore Size (Middle layer)

Electron Microscope

Air Permeability (A4 Size Stitched Sample is required)

ASTM D737-18

    • Surgical Gloves

Test Parameters


Size (Width)

EN 420

Material identification & Construction for BF Properties




Puncture resistance -Hypdermic Needle

ASTM F2878

    • Hand Sanitizer & Surface Cleaner

Test Parameters




Alcohol % or Ethyl Alcohol






COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Inspection Services:
Tti Inspections (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading 3rd Party Inspection Company providing globally recognized ISO/IEC 17020 Accredited Inspection services to a wide range of product lines, Suppliers and Importers around the globe. Tti Inspections (Pvt) Ltd is also a PSQCA Approved Inspection Agency which is a mandatory Inspection license from the Government of Pakistan (GOP) – Ministry of Science & Technology for operating an Inspection Agency in Pakistan.

Ensure ‘Suppliers’ of all COVID-19 Protective Wear comply with basic requirements, specifically Weight and Functionality of the Product to set standard and consistency in the shipment.

Inspection Parameters:

Quality Verification:
Complete Shipment quantity is verified against order quantity.

Product Conformity:
Style, Material and Color is verified physically against the customer original sample.

Product is checked on AQL standard and on basis of defect classification to derive overall product conformance.

Detailed witnessing of Packing and marking is carried out at both individual and carton pack stage with customer provided specification.

Product is examined thoroughly with customer required characteristics to quantify and determine the acceptance criteria.

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